The Tweeting Galah

A collection of interactive short stories about growing up in the digital age.

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Learn from the experiences of cheeky Gabbo, the Galah from Esperance Western Australia, and his friends as they navigate their way through the world of social networking, online gaming and digital devices.

The Tweeting Galah

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If you’re concerned about the dangers your child might encounter while on digital devices or social media, then this is the book for you. Engaging stories with strong cybersafety messages help prepare children (and parents!) for managing key cybersafety risks.
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With reflection questions and learning activities throughout, “The Tweeting Galah” is the perfect classroom resource for teaching Digital Citizenship to primary school students. Lesson plans & fact sheets included in class sets. Up to 50% education discount. View info flyer.

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Already own a copy of “The Tweeting Galah”? Good on ya! You are now able to access even more awesome-ness, such as showing Gabbo a copy of your own family digital device contract. You can also view all the augmented reality components from the book online.
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It arrived 🙂 My son & i read the 1st chapter tonight & we loved it.

Had some great discussion too. So clever. Thx heaps


Mother of two, VIC Australia


I read your playful platypus story in class today as part of the protective behaviours program. The kids loved it and totally got into the discussions on the reflective questions. We will go on to other stories but started with the ‘tiredness’ of over use because it is a bit of a problem already. Thanks for the great book.


Primary School Teacher, Perth WA


“The Tweeting Galah” offers a unique approach to cybersafety education for children and parents alike!


Engaging learning activities allow children to develop a deeper understanding of cybersafety issues.


Using Zappar augmented reality technology, children are able to further engage with the story using a smart device.


With its relatable characters, vibrant illustrations and quirky stories, “The Tweeting Galah” is a story the whole family will enjoy!

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Meet the Characters:


Gabbo is a galah from Esperance, Western Australia. A bit cheeky (and known to break a few rules!) Gabbo loves spending time with friends and surfing the internet.

Through Gabbo’s story, readers will learn about posting inappropriate content online.


Callie is a bright and bubbly Clownfish, who absolutely loves music. She can often be found singing along to her favourite beat, or searching for new music online.

Through Callie’s story, readers will learn about the risks of talking to online strangers.


Balbina is the only Bilby currently attending the Spinfex State High School. Although shy and a bit clumsy, Balbina is a loyal friend who will stand up for what she believes in.

Through Balbina’s story, readers will learn about the changing nature of cyberbullying.


Presley the Platypus is a high achiever, who excels in schools. When he’s not studying, he loves to play online games and hang out around the banks of the local river.

Through Presley’s story, readers will learn about the effects of too much screen time.

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