The Tweeting Galah

Digital Citizenship Education Made Easy

The Tweeting Galah is an easy-to-use classroom resource for teaching

primary school students about cyber safety issues.

Reflection questions and learning activities throughout the book make

it literally a grab-and-go set of lessons for you and your class to enjoy!

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eBooks versions now available

 eBook versions of The Tweeting Galah cyber safety series are now available via Amazon.

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The Tweeting Galah is an Australian-made, illustrated book made up of four short stories. Each short story addresses a different cyber safety issue relevant in the lives of today’s children:

  • Posting inappropriate content
  • Cyberbullying / Photo permissions
  • Too much screen time
  • Online predators

Written by an experienced teacher, the book incorporates a number of interactive learning activities to assist kids with their understanding of these important topics, including reflection questions following each story and augmented reality experiences.

The Tweeting Galah can be used to address key parts of the primary school curriculum:

  • Digital Technologies
  • Protective Behaviours
  • Health
  • Literacy
  • ICT Capability

The Lesson Library is regularly updated with free accompanying resources.



“The Tweeting Galah” offers a unique approach to cybersafety education for children and parents alike!


Using Zappar augmented reality technology, children are able to further engage with the story using a smart device.


Engaging learning activities allow children to develop a deeper understanding of cybersafety issues.


With its relatable characters, vibrant illustrations and quirky stories, “The Tweeting Galah” is a story the whole family will enjoy!

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“I will definitely be recommending this book”

Thank you for this wonderful book and teaching resource. I have been reading the stories to my Year 3 class as part of our health program to reinforce healthy online behaviours. In particular, my class really connected with the story of the overly playful platypus. This story evoked a lot of discussion about too much screen time and, as a class, we have set a challenge to see if we can achieve ‘screen free’ days in the school holidays (me included!!) The Zappar App is a bonus as it adds an extension to the stories in a technological way that our little digital citizens of the world can relate to. On a personal note, as a parent this book has helped me to encourage discussions with my fourteen and ten-year-old on cybersafety. I will definitely be recommending this book to parents and teachers as a fun and engaging tool to encourage discussions and decisions on safe and healthy use of technological devices and online programs. Also, I just loved the Australian theme of the characters and the vividly vibrant illustrations!

Kirsty, Primary School Teacher, Perth, Western Australia

Proudly  West  Australian

The Tweeting Galah series is written by Esperance-based author, Kim Maslin and illustrated by Perth-based artist, John Field.

It is proudly created and printed in Western Australia.

Collaboration Opportunities

Please get in touch with Kim if you’d like to discuss media, education or collaboration opportunities.

If you would like to contact John Field regarding illustrations for your own project, you can contact him via email.

The Tweeting Galah

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