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Regular radio segment on TripleM Esperance

Each week I present a segment, “Talking Digital” on TripleM Esperance with Sean for Breakfast.

The goal is to present current technology news and tips to listeners in an accessible and fun way. Each week, I’ll be updating this space with the link to the TripleM Esperance podcast so you can listen to the segment, along with more information about the different topics I discuss.

From the latest Apple updates, to new research around screen time – my goal is to help all listeners keep in the loop about the latest technology changes that might be affecting them, plus, learn a few new tricks that can make using technology a bit quicker and easier!

If you have a topic you’d like to hear more about on Talking Digital, please get in touch with myself or Sean!

About Kim Maslin

Kim is a passionate educator empowering others to feel confident using technology. She has spent the last 10 years teaching students aged 5 to 85! Kim is the author of The Tweeting Galah cybersafety series.

Episode 9: 27.11.19

Instagram CREATE Features

Some cool new features to use in your Instagram Stories! 

Find out more below:

Episode 8: 20.11.19

Soundtrack your Ride

A cool new feature from Spotify called Soundtrack your Ride. Driving will never be the same again! 

Find out more below:

Episode 6: 6.11.19

Do Not Disturb & Gambling Stats

We discuss the cool new feature that responds to messages on your behalf while driving (Do Not Disturb feature), as well as some alarming statistics around gambling / financial scams from ScamWatch.

Have a listen below:

Episode 5: 30.10.19

Screen Time

Continuing with the theme of Screen Time, today we discuss the effects of screens on SLEEP and what settings you can adjust to assist, including Do Not Disturb.

Have a listen below:

Episode 4: 23.10.19

Screen Time

The theme of today’s segment was SCREEN TIME. The research around screen time is alarming, not just for children but parents as well! I share recent findings from the Office of the eSafety Commissioner, as well as how to access the Screen time feature on your iPhone –  an interesting way of monitoring your device usage.

I also announce the upcoming launch of my third book, The Little Possum Who Looked Up, which is focused on educating families about screen time balance.

Have a listen below:

Episode 3: 16.10.19

iOS 13 Update

The Apple iOS update has been out for a little while now, but I’ve only just updated! There are lots and lots of new features to explore. Three that we discussed in this episode are – using three fingers to swipe “undo” or “redo”, the introduction of the QuickType keyboard and how the volume display has changed! You can learn more about the iOS update here at the Apple website and also read a great summary from PCMag here.

Text Replacement

A neat little trick which lets you set shortcut text replacements. This means you can type out a series of letters and your device will automatically expand those letters into a different word or phrase. Great for setting up common phrases (i.e. typing “Omw” expands automatically to “On my way!” or stopping your device from auto-correcting strange names, or even completing your email address form for you. Little tricks to save you time! You can read the full instructions for iPhone here.

Listen now (approx 5 minutes)

Episode 2: 9.10.19

Stay Smart Online Week

Scams are a huge threat to individuals and businesses. Stay Smart Online Week runs from October 7 – 13th. There is a wealth of information on the Stay Smart Online website. To learn more about the different types of scams and to report a scam you have seen or experienced, visit the ScamWatch website.

Medical ID

You can set your important medical info (i.e. allergies, blood type) and emergency contact to the lock screen of your phone. This means if you’re in a medical emergency, a first responder has access to this potentially life saving information without needing to know your phone passcode. You can set up this feature for the iPhone by following these instructions.

Listen below (at approx 13 minutes)

Episode 1: 2.10.19

Dictation Feature

Instead of struggling to type out messages, emails or Google searches using the small keys on your phone keyboard, you can instead use the Dictation feature. This features records your voice and turns it into text! Learn how to do this for iPhones here.

Facebook’s Hidden Likes

Last week Facebook (who owns Instagram) began a trial of hiding “Likes” from posts on the platform. This follows recent tests and implementation of the same feature on Instagram. Read more about the trial here.


Listen below (approx. 13 minutes)

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