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My students absolutely LOVE using their iPads! Like, seriously love it. I’m sure yours are no different! So, when it comes to getting them engaged, I find nothing works better than incorporating the iPad into a lesson. Even if it’s just to read information off the iPad instead of off a worksheet. That’s where the idea for this lesson was born. We are currently learning about units of measurement, so for temperature I decided to create this simple webquest for them. It involves them navigating to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology website, and recording the temperature for the upcoming week in our hometown (Esperance) with our capital city (Perth). From there, students needed to apply the knowledge in other ways – such as shading thermometers and answering questions.

What I loved about this lesson was that they were learning a skill that would be vital to them throughout their lives – being able to read the weather and make decisions based on this. Their engagement levels were high, which meant they stayed on task and I believe walked away with more confidence in reading and recording temperature.

You can download a copy of my Weather Webquest lesson from my Teachers Pay Teachers page.


ACARA Curriculum Links

Year 4 Mathematics – Geometry & Measurement

  • Use scaled instruments to measure and compare lengths, masses, capacities and temperatures (ACMMG084)

ICT Capabilities – Level 3

  • Define and plan information searches: use ICT to plan an information search or generation of information, recognising some pattern within the information.

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Kim Maslin is an Australian educator & author. She recently published a children’s cybersafety book, “The Tweeting Galah.” She is an ICT trainer, teacher & Digital Learning Coordinator. Kim is certified as an Apple Teacher, Microsoft Innovative Educator, Common Sense Media Certified Educator, a Family Zone Cybersafety Expert and finalist in the ECCI Business Excellence Awards 2017.