Story Elements + Re-Telling: The Tale of the Tweeting Galah

Created By: Kim Maslin, Digital Technologies Educator

Date Published: 7 September 2019

About this resource:

9 different activities to use in your classroom after reading the short story, “The Tale of the Tweeting Galah” from the illustrated children’s book, The Tweeting Galah.

  • Sequencing; Cut & glue the text & illustrations in order
  • Re-telling: Draw & write the key events from the beginning, middle and end
  • Character Profile: Gabbo the Galah
  • Character Profile: Wing Commander Grey
  • Compare the Characters: Gabbo the Galah & Wing Commander Grey
  • Character Reflection worksheet
  • Story Elements worksheet
  • Draw the setting
  • Describing the setting (look, feel, hear, smell)

About The Tale of the Tweeting Galah

Tale of The Tweeting Galah tells of Gabbo the Galah from Western Australia who is cheeky and fun lovin’ – so much so that he ignores his teacher’s instructions and uses his phone while at flying lessons! He learns the hard way that when you post something online … anyone can see it!!

This short story has been enjoyed by primary school children of all ages and features six reflection questions to discuss with your kids after reading.

Amazing illustrations by John Field. Augmented reality components and reflection questions included at the end of the story.

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