STEM Challenge – DIY Hologram

Created By: Kim Maslin, Digital Technologies Educator

This is a fun and hands-on lesson that allows students to create their own hologram! They are then able to view hologram-specific videos on their smart device, which are projected by the hologram they have created.

Kids LOVE this activity! It is one all students can succeed in, and can facilitate further instruction in the subjects of Media, STEM, Technologies, Mathematics and Science.

Suitable for all ages – who are able to use scissors – and works well as a once-off lesson, or as an extended mini-task. I have completed this activity with students from Year 4, all the way through the Year 10 and they’ve all loved it!

** Included in this resource **

  • Detailed lesson plan, including instructions to make the hologram
  • Teacher notes to help you make the most of this lesson
  • Suggestions for extension and variation
  • Instruction handout that can be printed for students to follow


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