Keyboard Shortcut Posters For Mac

Created By: Kim Maslin, Digital Technologies Educator

Date Published: 18 August 2019

These posters are designed to help students independently learn how to master the Macbook keyboard.

Each poster is designed at size A3. They are ready to go – just print and pin up around your classroom.

Beautiful, colourful and modern design to brighten up 21st century classrooms!

Coloured keys highlight the exact keys which students need to press – to help visual learners.

Shortcut posters included:

  • Select All
  • Bold Text
  • Copy
  • Italicise / Italicize Text
  • Print
  • Save
  • Open New Tab
  • Underline Text
  • Paste
  • Close Current Tab
  • Cut
  • Redo
  • Undo
  • Zoom in
  • Zoom out

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