DIY Pallet Race Track

A surprisingly easy DIY Pallet craft idea! Turn an old pallet into a versatile race track that kids will love!

I designed mine with the plan to use in primary school as a race track for our robotic equipment, Sphero Balls. Students in Year 6 are currently creating their own games for our inaugral gaming convention. One group is using the Pallet Race Track for a Sphero Ball “Bumper Car” race track. Best bit about the track is that it is made of blackboard – so students can draw and erase their own race track lines onto it.

Making the Race Track


  • x1 Pallet (I collected mine for free from the local Hardware store)
  • Sand paper (both rough for the initial sand and then fine for the finish)
  • Spray varnish
  • Strong glue
  • Fake grass
  • Blackboard Board
  • Chalk (optional)

I was able to collect all the essential materials from our local hardware store, and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg!

Step 1: Sanding

We started with the rough sandpaper to get all the initial splinters etc off the pallet and then switched to the fine one. It is amazing the difference the fine sandpapering does to the feel of the wood. Worth taking the time to do it well!

Pallet Ideas_race track

Step 2: Varnish

We used a spray varnish which worked really well, and gave it a nice deep, rich colour.

Pallet Ideas_race track

Step 3: Blackboard + Grass

Once the varnish was touch dry we applied the glue and laid on the blackboard and fake grass. It took a bit of measuring and cutting to get the grass just right. But the final effect was great. Then it was just a matter of letting it all completely dry, before moving.

And that’s it!

Pallet Ideas_race track


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