How to: At the Beach Sensory Tables

Creating an At the Beach Sensory Table


You can read more about what led me to create my At the Beach Sensory Table here – long story short, this table is one of six I’ve put together for my Biology (STEM) lessons with Pre-Primary and Year 1 students.

  • Sand section: with shells, palm trees, umbrella and dog
  • Rock pool section: with rocks(!) octopus, crabs


  • x1 Tub
  • Sand to fill the bottom (we had some special sand in the Science lab from previous years, that has been packaged specifically for school use
  • Collection of shells
  • Umbrella (the ones you would normally put on your cocktail!)
  • Mini plastic palm tree that I picked up from the op-shop
  • x2 empty plastic containers to fill with water
  • Small stones (I got these ones from Red Dot)
  • Crab / Octopus figurines (I also got these from Red Dot)
  • Blue paper/fabric



It was simply really of putting it all together! I was really fortunate that the two plastic containers fitted together side-by-side perfectly. This gave the water / rock-pool section more stability by staying in place. I found I needed some blue fabric underneath to give the illusion of water even when the containers weren’t full. (the yellow tub colour was a bit dominating!) After that, simply a matter of filling the tub with sand around the plastic containers so that the base was covered, and then putting everything in place.

Simple, easy and so many different sensations (water, sand, shells)!