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QR Codes Early Finishers Activity

I’ve become such a big fan of them recently! They are free, quick & easy to make:
1. Go to:
2. Type in your URL (website/YouTube video etc)
3. Click “Create QR Code”
4. Download your QR Code (image file)
5. Print or display QR Code in your classroom

Then, all your students need is a free app like “QR Code Reader”. They scan the QR Code you show them, and on their device they are instantly directed to the website/YouTube video you’ve selected.

What’s awesome about it – particularly in younger years – is it eliminates typos when students copy out a long URL, and also is soooo much faster than waiting for them to type or search for what you want them to find!

Some ways I’ve used QR codes recently…

  • Maths worksheet – scan to visit a website with interactive 3D shape models. Explore the models on the iPad before completing the questions on the worksheet (students LOVED this one!)
  • Early finishers – I’ve QR coded some “Horrible Histories” and “David Attenborough” YouTube videos and laminated them. Early finishers can then scan and watch these on their iPads
  • Showcase work – Scan to view videos created by students as part of a school project
  • Guided Reading – another teacher came up with this one! Scanning QR codes to take students to audio books (on YouTube) to listen to. Great for the lower-end students during Guided Reading sessions.

Would love to hear of any ways you’ve used QR Codes and what your thoughts are!!

Listen to my “Learn Digital” podcast episode on QR Codes here.

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My name is Kim Maslin, and I’m a West Australian educator who is passionate about digital technologies and developing healthy life-long learning habits. I provide a range of ICT-related seminars and workshops, as well as web design & digital marketing services. I am also a teacher and Digital Learning Coordinator. You can find out more about me here.

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About Kim Maslin

Kim Maslin is an Australian educator & author. She recently published a children’s cybersafety book, “The Tweeting Galah.” She is an ICT trainer, teacher & Digital Learning Coordinator. Kim is certified as an Apple Teacher, Microsoft Innovative Educator, Common Sense Media Certified Educator, a Family Zone Cybersafety Expert and finalist in the ECCI Business Excellence Awards 2017.

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