The Zooming Owl

A short story about starting online learning


Uniquely Australian characters bring to life an unprecedented situation faced by millions of teachers and students around the world as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns. With almost 8,000 copies of  The Tweeting Galah cyber safety children’s book series already sold, Australian author Kim Maslin has released a special story to help children, teachers and parents navigate the new world of online learning.


With a termite attack forcing the closure of the Flying Academy for Young Galahs, Wing Commander Grey is transitioning his class to online learning. Gabbo and his friends are looking forward to video conferencing with the acclaimed Intergalactic Flying Operations Specialist, Pilot Wingstrong …. as long as technology issues don’t get in the way!


The Zooming Owl is a must-read for any primary aged child transitioning into online learning. There are no other books on the market like it! Funny, entertaining and informative. The reflection questions at the end provide guidance for teachers and parents to help kids understand this new approach to learning.


Free resources have been created to help teachers make the most of using this resource. Use The Zooming Owl to set expectations for your virtual classroom. Read the story aloud to your class online, or arrange for them each to receive their own copy! 

“Oh my goodness! I’m giddy with excitement. This is sooo sooo good and I think it is going to be a HUGE hit.

I could read this story all day long.”

Julie Smith

The Techie Teacher

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