3D Shapes QR Code Webquest (Educational Resource)

We have been studying 3D shapes for a couple weeks now, however I have been noticing some gaps in my students’ knowledge, and some areas where I’d like to see them improve. So, I decided to create this educational resource specifically to fill those gaps. My main goal with this lesson was to keep it engaging, so students didn’t feel they were just “rote learning” key concepts. I decided what better way to maintain engagement than to integrate the iPads! Using QR Codes, students scan and read about different 3D shapes. I found this incredible website that not only provides clear, easy-to-understand information about shapes it also provides a spinning and interactive model for students to drag, spin and pull apart!

My students LOVED this lesson! Some even requested that all their worksheets incorporate QR Codes from now on! One of the best things about using the QR Codes is that it was so simple for them to use – I demonstrated once (using our AppleTV) how to scan the QR Code with a QR Reader (which they already had installed on their iPads) and they picked it up straight away, no technical difficulties at all!

You can download this lesson plan for yourself at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

3D Shapes QR Code Lesson Sample

ACARA Curriculum Links

Year 5 Mathematics – Geometry & Measurement

  • Connect three-dimensional objects with their nets and other two-dimensional representations (ACMMG111)

ICT Capabilities – Level 4

  • Locate, generate and access data and information: locate, retrieve or generate information using search engines and simple search functions and classify information in meaningful ways


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About Kim Maslin

Kim Maslin is an Australian educator & author. She recently published a children’s cybersafety book, “The Tweeting Galah.” She is an ICT trainer, teacher & Digital Learning Coordinator. Kim is certified as an Apple Teacher, Microsoft Innovative Educator, Common Sense Media Certified Educator, a Family Zone Cybersafety Expert and finalist in the ECCI Business Excellence Awards 2017.