3 InDesign Tips

to help you design like a BOSS

Believe it or not, Adobe InDesign is my favourite program. People often think I’m joking, but I’m deadly serious!

Yes, I know there are other programs out there which pitch themselves as far more user-friendly, suitable for beginners and for people with no design experience. These programs have their place, but they are what they are – programs for beginners.

However, if you’re a business owner, entrepreneur or working professional who takes your job seriously, then then you need an equally professional and serious design & publishing program. And this is where Adobe InDesign comes in.

Adobe InDesign can be used to create eBooks to business cards, and everything in between. I’m an experienced designer and trainer, who has been using Adobe InDesign every week for the past 8 years.

And for the first time ever… I’m sharing some of my favourite InDesign tricks (for free!) which have helped me create content quickly, easily and professionally. These tricks will save you time and headaches while helping elevate your marketing materials to true boss-levels.

 Are you ready to learn how to …


  • Utilise a powerful text feature which will reduce typos and save you hours?


  • Make your document look like a graphic designer has created it with just one click … (even if you have limited design skills?)


  • Find the perfect colour that “pops”… every. single. time!?

A Bit About Me

I’m Kim Maslin – a Digital Technologies Educator who has spent 11 years providing technology education, support and training to people aged 5 to 85!

Because I wear many hats (business owner, author, teacher, PhD student, pet parent to four furry babies, just to name a few!) I have had to learn how to juggle my time effectively – and technology is my best friend for achieving this. I’m excited to have the opportunity to share with you the tips, tricks and hacks I’ve learnt over the years which save me hours every week, while at the same time generating the business results I want!

As a qualified classroom teacher and trainer, I have practical experience in designing and delivering lessons which are effective, and suitable for learners of all ability levels. Trust me, it doesn’t matter how much you think the computer doesn’t like you – we can make it work for you!