This episode is a very special one, and that’s because it’s the first in a three-part LEADing Lights series. LEADing Lights is a digital transformation initiative that Catholic Education Western Australia is rolling out across all its schools in the state. The LEADing Lights model is one that brings together different technologies into a single digital ecosystem – this means that students, teachers, school administrators and parents will have access to tools that will enhance teaching and learning experiences. Last week, I was very fortunate to sit down with three key members of the LEADing Lights Digital Transformation team; Aidan McCarthy, Cathy Cavanaugh and Ginno Kelley.

Over the next three weeks, I’m going to be sharing these interviews – starting today with Aidan McCarthy’s.

Learn More

  • Find out more about LEADing Lights here
  • Download the LEADing Lights brochure here
  • Teachers currently working in the CEWA system can view the LEADing Lights Teacher Playbook here – among other information, the playbook outlines real-life scenarios of how LEADing Lights can enhance the learning of students.


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