Making EdTech Easy

“Learn Digital” is a sort-of-weekly-podcast hosted by Kim Maslin with the purpose of providing Australian teachers with access to ideas, information and expertise to help them better integrate education technologies into their classroom.



I’m taking a short break from recording podcasts during Term 1 2018 while I develop my lesson resources for the new Digital Technologies curriculum. You can view & download these resources here.

Episode 11 – Eleni Kyritsis: Teaching with Technology
Episode 10 – OneNote for Teachers with Steven Payne
Episode 9 – The Strange Story of the Singing Clownfish
Episode 8 – Apps in the Classroom with Daniel White
Episode 7 – LEADing Lights
Episode 6 – LEADing Lights with Cathy Cavanaugh
Episode 5 – LEADing Lights with Aidan McCarthy
Episode 4 – Seesaw with Lorna Russell
Episode 3 – Using QR Codes
Episode 2 – Interview with Ian Elder
Episode 1 – Introduction