82% of teens use the internet.

How can you ensure their experience is a safe one?

Solutions-focused and hands-on:

Schools and parents share an important responsibility – keeping children safe online. With children and teens spending an increasing amount of time online – up to 9 hours a day! – the chances they are going to experience one of the many cybersafety risks intensifies. From cyberbullying, to sexual predators to viewing inappropriate to posting inappropriate content – these risks are endless and ever-changing.

I am experienced in offering a range of cybersafety solutions to schools and parents. I pride myself on my solutions-focused and hands-on approach, which leaves every attendee feeling more empowered about safely navigating their children through the digital landscape.

Kim Maslin is a proud Cyber Expert to Family Zone and a Certified Educator Digital Citizenship with Common Sense Education.

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“I pride myself on my solutions-focused, hands-on workshops that are customised for each audience”

2017 Overview of Services

(for schools)

Overview of Services (for schools)

For Teachers – “Teaching in the Digital Age” Workshop

This hands-on workshop is designed to empower new and experienced teachers to utilise social media safely and effectively. Topics covered include: the risks of social media for teachers, social media privacy settings, what to post vs. what not to post, student privacy and social media, student communication and social media and using social media to your advantage/to further your career.

For Parents – “Cyber-Savvy Parenting” Seminars

This visual and practical seminar series focuses on empowering your parent community to feel in control – and not overwhelmed – by the ever-changing digital landscape. There are three seminars in this series: #1 Preparing for 2017, #2 Combating New Risks and #3 Maximising the Potential.

For Students “Passport to Digital Citizenship” Package

This package is designed to provide an all-in-one solution for schools seeking to provide meaningful and ongoing cybersafety education to their students. Successful implementation of the package will also result in your school being acknowledged as a Common Sense Media Certified School for Digital Citizenship.

Parent & Community Group Solutions

Are you the head of a Parent Council or Community group looking to provide cybersafety support to your members? I can provide hands-on, customised workshops and presentations to equip your parents with the knowledge and skills they need for parenting in a digital world.

As a proud Family Zone Cyber Expert, I can provide virtual support to you while you manage your child’s internet access using Family Zone’s revolutionary filtering and monitoring software. The first 2 months are free, click here to find out more.

Contact me to see which solution/s would work best for your school or community group.

I had the pleasure of attending Kim Maslin’s Cybersafety Presentation, which was organised through my daughter’s school. Kim’s knowledge and passion about cybersafety was just outstanding. Given the current statistics and facts regarding children and cybersafety, I feel empowered as Kim armed us with practical solutions to handle the environment of the digital age. As a mother and an optometrist, I believe we should be proactive when it comes to our children’s wellbeing. I would highly recommend all adults who interact with children on a regular basis take on the information that Kim has to share.



Thank you for your very well presented session for Mercedes College parents yesterday evening. Being not too far from the generation of our students, you brought a unique insight into the online world of teenagers.  Thank you for sharing your research in schools also.  The information provided and booklets made available to parents give actionable strategies for use with their daughters. I’d have no hesitation in recommending your services to other schools.

Paul Reid

Director of Learning Technology, Mercedes College, Western Australia

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