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Kim Maslin

Author of “The Tweeting Galah” book series.

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Special  edition  eBook

A short story about starting online learning.

With a termite attack forcing the closure of the Flying Academy for Young Galahs, Wing Commander Grey is transitioning his class to online learning. Gabbo and his friends are looking forward to video conferencing with the acclaimed Intergalactic Flying Operations Specialist, Pilot Wingstrong …. as long as technology issues don’t get in the way!

This special edition of The Tweeting Galah cyber safety series is a timely tale designed to help teachers and students feel comfortable with the changes online learning might bring, and includes a series of reflection questions at the end.

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Digital Learning Support

I’m currently offering free Zoom meetings for teachers each Thursday, for the foreseeable future… Book in and have a chat if you:

* Would like to practice using Zoom
* Have questions about the different apps/programs you’re using as part of remote teaching
* Would just like to throw some different digital learning ideas around!

I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to solve every problem or answer every question, but I’ll do my best 🌻

Book here (no cost):

eBooks versions now available

 eBook versions of The Tweeting Galah cyber safety series are now available via Amazon.


What do I do?

Hi, thanks so much for stopping by. For me, the question “what do you do?” is a hard one because I feel I wear many hats – from teacher to author. This website is a space for me to share my passion of digital technologies with all you fellow teachers out there!

I’ve taught in both primary and secondary schools as a Technologies teacher and Digital Learning Coordinator, and love the possibilities that ICT presents for student engagement and success.

My time is spent developing resources, facilitating STEAM incursions and providing technology support to people of all ages. This includes digital marketing strategy and digital training for businesses.

I hope you find what I do helpful, and look forward to hearing from you if you’d like to discuss any collaborations!

– Kim Maslin

In Action:Tweeting Galah AR Character Selfie Cards


“The Tweeting Galah” series is an engaging, grab-n-go cybersafety resource that is easy to implement and loved by primary school students!


I regularly facilitate hands-on, practical digital technologies workshops and STEAM/STEM incursions. These can be conducted ONLINE via ZOOM.



I develop lesson resources for Technologies & “STEAM” which are avialable for free download. I’m available for collaborations and guest blogging.


I work closely with businesses to help them develop suitable marketing strategies, and provide any necessary technology training

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