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Cut computer time in half

By focusing your time and energy on using the right tools, in the most effective ways.

Want to grow your biz without the headaches or hassle?

Here’s how I can help …

Facilitate a 1:1 tech coaching session for your business needs.

Provide personalised expert support through my 6-week program 

Complete design work for your business

“I have saved so much time…”

“Even after being in business for 25 years, Kim has helped me to take new growth outcomes and organise them into a framework that can be approached in a sequential and planned manner.

Kim listens, is knowledgeable and has the business and digital technology experience to know what strategies can best make tasks workable to move forward in a realistic manner.

I have saved so much time, have learned new skills and I am extremely pleased with the return I have received from my investment.”


Cindy Poole, Glass Artist & Business Owner

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Your tech potential…

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Your Tech Potential
To Inspire

You have the potential to utilise technology to INSPIRE others! You have the personality and charisma needed to truly inspire others into action. Your message is on point, and you are driven by a sense of purpose and desire to make a genuine difference in the world. By creating the right visual content, and getting it in front of the right people, you have the power to ignite real change! The use of video - in particular, live video - could serve as an important tool to help you convey your message.
To Automate

You have the potential to utilise technology to AUTOMATE! It's important that you feel organised and on top of things, but so often the nature of running your own business can leave you feeling like you're always one step behind. Frustrating!! However, by harnessing the full power of your different devices, along with the right software and apps, you have the power to streamline your daily systems and processes. I'm talkin' synchronised calendars, automated invoicing and pre-scheduled social media posts! Helloooooo work-life balance 😉
To Educate

You have the potential to utilise technology to EDUCATE others! You have a deep level of expertise within your field, and you know you can change the lives of others by sharing this knowledge with them. But how to reach them?! By using the right tech tools, you can create the content you need to reach your learners - perhaps in the form of a podcast, an online course or blog. Anything is possible!!
To be Visible

You have the potential to utilise technology to BE VISIBLE! You truly believe in your business mission. You know it offers a real solution for customers. You just need to be visible enough to enact some action! By sharing the right message at the right time, you have the potential to be seen by all the right people. Utilising content creation tools, the right social media platforms and strategy will go a long way in helping raise your profile.
To Convert

You have the potential to utilise technology to CONVERT! You have the product. You have the systems. You are ready to see some RESULTS. By understanding the strategy behind your digital marketing, streamlining your point of sale and having a consistent brand across your profiles, you have the power to drive conversion and business growth.

Ready to find out your tech potential?

Ready to maximise your tech potential?

Hi, I’m Kim!

I’m a Digital Technologies Educator who has taught people ages five to 85 how to use technology in happy, healthy and productive ways.

Because I wear many hats (entrepreneur, teacher, author, PhD student, pet parent to 4… just to name a few!) I have had to learn how to effectively utilise my time – and technology has become my best friend for this. Don’t get me wrong, there have been more times that I can count where I’ve wanted to chuck my laptop out the window! However, over the years I have developed a thorough understanding not only of how technology operates, but how to overcome common glitches and developed numerous shortcuts which help me streamline my workday.

After 11 years providing in-person technology education and support, I’m excited to launch the Make Every Click Count Coaching Program.

I look forward to providing you with the tailored support and guidance needed to fully make the most of your device, to reclaim your time and end the tech frustration.