Hello. G'day. Welcome.

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Kim Maslin, and I’m a Digital Technologies educator based in Esperance, Western Australia.


Writing these kinds of blurbs is one of the things I find most challenging. I’m “suppose” to lure you in with some catchy rhetoric and big claims. I’ve tried in the past, it’s just not me. I’d much rather just get straight to the point –  I provide a range of resources and support for Australian primary school teachers to help them better address Technologies curriculum and ICT Capability in their classrooms.


If you’re looking for some help or inspiration in this area, please read on!


 – Kim Maslin

"Learn Digital" Podcast

Each week (roughly!) I run a podcast for Australian teachers all about ICT. This year, the main focus will be on the new Digital Technologies curriculum. In particular, I’ll be sharing my experiences as I go about teaching this subject to Pre-Primary – Year 6 students.

The Tweeting Galah

In 2017 I self-published an illustrated children’s book, complete with reflection questions and learning activities all aimed at teaching kids about cybersafety. This is an engaging, grab-n-go resource that is easy to implement and loved by upper primary students!


New year. New subject. No resources. I’ve been there too many times! That’s why I’m developing a range of fun, innovative and easy to use Digital Technologies / ICT resources to assist teachers in addressing this important content. Linked to Australian curriculum.