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Recently, I worked with Mazorca brand to set them up with a website to sell their merchandise and shark deterrent stickers.

It was so wonderful to work on this project, one of the highlights definitely getting to see so many incredible images (drone and underwater) of our gorgeous Esperance landscape. I’m not a surfer – or much of a swimmer – but working on this project definitely made me reconsider!

The fundamental component required for this job was an online store. This was set-up, with extra settings to allow for different sizes and colours to be displayed as options for the merchandise, along with a dynamic stock list.

You can view some screenshots of the website below, or the full website in action here.

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Kim is a passionate educator empowering others to feel confident using technology. She has spent the last 10 years teaching students aged 5 to 85! Kim is the author of The Tweeting Galah cybersafety series.

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