I had so much fun designing the new website for Esperance Community Arts! It was so inspiring to see all the amazing arts & culture initiatives on offer. I definitely feel inspired to get more involved in some of these projects, even if I’m not particularly good at arts and crafts (I did sew a Year 8 sewing project to the sewing machine once!) Fortunately, there are so many other areas to get involved with, like theatre, film, digital art etc. Much more up my alley.

Anyway, back to the website. The main goal of the website was to showcase the vast range of initiatives the ECA support. This wasn’t hard to do, as there are just so many projects they are involved with!! With all the images, and combined with their new logo, the overall look of the website I think is so colourful, welcoming and exciting!

Another goal was to simplify the process of becoming an ECA member. I set up an online membership payment option which now means prospective members can join anytime of the day from the comfort of their device, rather than only via printed form (but don’t worry – printed form option is still available!)

It is easier now to subscribe to the ECA newsletter, and to donate money towards their projects. Their monthly MailChimp newsletter archives are also embedded on the website for quick viewing.

I would like to thank Jane, and the rest of the team at Esperance Community Arts for giving me the chance to work on this awesome project. Also, I would like to extend thanks to Lotterywest for the organisational development grant that has supported all this work.

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Kim is a passionate educator empowering others to feel confident using technology. She has spent the last 10 years teaching students aged 5 to 85! Kim is the author of The Tweeting Galah cybersafety series.

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